Research: Determine market size, appropriateness

Due Diligence: Evaluate fit, potential partners, structures

Strategy: Recommend market approach, tactics

Post entry support: Evaluate market position, recommend        adjustments as needed


Agent: Represent Talent / IP to Producers

Advisory: Brand strategy, products & talent

Networking: Expand network amongst influencers

Other: Localization: Translation, speech transcription,                        subtitles - Japanese, English, Korean, Mandarin

Product Development

 IdeationMedia Lab network

Prospecting: Script / Talent / Brand

Concept testing: Focus groups, others

 Recommendation: Create go-to strategy

Business Seminar

Market Conditions: US market / global market

Festival Planning / Production: Webinar / live

Behind the Scenes: Pro "tips & tricks"

Education: Language, presentation, college entry


Press: Local and Industry (paid vs. unpaid)

Influencer: Access and advice

Brand Amplification: Paid and unpaid