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Japanese Content on the Rise in the United States, More Popular than Spanish-Language Series

Parrot Analytics and Global Connects have discovered evidence that Japanese content – in both film and television – is making quiet in-roads in the post-pandemic global content sweepstakes.

Looking at both the streaming universe as well as the box office, there are strong hints of newfound American audience interest in Japanese content, particularly when it comes to anime.

“Anime is the gateway drug to Japanese culture for many Americans,” said Douglas Montgomery, CEO of Global Connects and former VP at WarnerMedia “Any way you slice it, the box office and TV demand data show a growing appetite for Japanese content with American audiences, with plenty of room to run.”

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Jim Allsop
Jim Allsop
02 de mai. de 2023

Anime is really like a drug, it tightens almost instantly and catches us with its dynamic development of the plot and catches us alive with its scenes. I also used to despise guys who watch anime until I discovered a couple of cool anime, after which I couldn't stop :) Now, as this is a popular topic, I want to start a YouTube channel where I will review anime, and post content related to the anime theme. However, I can't decide on an application for recording the screen, I switched to windows 11 and my usual recorder began to work extremely poorly. I found myself a couple here now I can't decide which one to use, I'll probably try several…

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