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By connecting our clients with the best of our or partners' ability, we aim to meet and exceed expectations in creating sustainable success, now and into the future. 



 Research: Optimize market strategies

Agency: Talent / Brand / Localization

Product Development: Ideation/ Concept / IP prospecting

Business Seminar: Market Conditions, "Pitch" assistance

Publicity: Local and Industry Press / Social / Influencer



Douglas Montgomery

Founder and CEO of Global Connects

Mr. Montgomery created Global Connects as a resource to those clients interested in the intersection of media, technology, and education. These three industries are becoming more and more interconnected, and Global Connects strives to strengthen these ties in our client's best interest. Montgomery brings over 25 years of global experience working in these industries.

Most recently, he spent over 15 years with WarnerMedia, working in the US (California and Arkansas), Japan, and the UK where he actively guided clients in transitioning their business from VHS, to DVD, to digital, and finally streaming. Clients included multinational retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Microsoft, to smaller local clients such as Tsutaya (Japan) VideoEzy (Australia), and MediaMarkt-Saturn in Europe.

Prior to WarnerMedia, Montgomery worked for Walmart International in Global Merchandising, assisting in the integration of both new chains (Seiyu - Japan, Bompreco - Brazil, Asda - UK) and their suppliers into the Walmart ecosystem.

Doug is actively involved in the Asian community here in Los Angeles. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Japan-American Society of Southern California as well as Chairman Emertirus. 

Speaking engagements include: US-Embassy in Tokyo, UCLA – Center for MEMEs (Media Entertainment and Sports), USC – IBEAR (International MBA program), USC CTM (Community for Technology Management), USC – Silicon Beach Fest, SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Organization), US-Japan Council, HITS (Hollywood IT Society) and many others.

Doug is also a recipient of the Cool Japan award which he received in 2016 through the Japanese Government “Japan House” initiative here in Los Angeles. This was given for his efforts in promoting Japanese content and creators in the US studio community. In addition, Doug was part of a 2-day seminar in Tokyo (Feb 2016) sponsored by the government of Japan to educate and encourage the Japanese Entertainment industry in their efforts to globalize their content.

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